14 steps hospitals can take to make physicians miserable

Or how not to manage a hospital

MedCareerGuide | October 12, 2015

If you’ve ever thought you have it bad at your workplace, you might want to check out the blog a surgeon posted on the ways a previous employer can make sure it is the worst place to work.

The blog, which was posted on the Web site Social Media and Surgery, lampoons the inner workings of a large—and conspicuously unidentified—medical system. The biting commentary on how not to manage a hospital includes the following tidbits:

  • “Quarterly staff meetings should only be about…decisions that have already been made for the employee physicians.”
  • “Make sure there is no doctors lounge,” as it would “only encourage restless employees to congregate and complain about management and the system.”
  • “Make sure that performance measures are impossible to reach and tie reimbursement and bonuses to these measures.”
  • Since you really cannot measure or quantify caring, you should instead focus on irrelevant metrics that will frustrate your employees.”

The surgeon notes that he has since left the employer.

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