Four tips for creating a less stressful day

Quick tips to creating a stress-free environment

Paula S. Katz | October 19, 2015
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One stressed-out physician told Deb Wood, PhD, that she began to close her office door “because people were bothering me.” While that might be a great way to find some peace and quiet, if you’re used to an open door policy at work, closing it can start up the rumor mills.

For ways to create a more stress-free environment, here are some tips from Dr. Wood, PhD, senior consultant and certified employee assistance professional with Minneapolis-based VITAL Worklife, a national behavioral health consulting organization.:

  1. Use door signs to indicate your availability. One physician put up a red sign when his door was closed to indicate that he wasn’t available. The physician used a yellow sign to indicate you could knock; he would then let you know if he had time to take a break from what he was doing and talk to you.
  1. Look at e-mails only once a day. To make it easier to take a coffee break some time during the day without unanswered e-mails weighing on your mind, relegate looking at them to once a day.
  1. Ask for EMR help. If you’re struggling with your EMR, sit down with someone who can show you the shortcuts, even if it’s just for half an hour. And if you have to, hire a tutor to show you the finer points of your EMR. Investing a little time upfront will relieve a lot more stress in the long run.
  1. Determine how much social media you need. Which social media sites are advantageous to you, and which can you live without? LinkedIn may be useful for you, but do you need to tweet? If it’s valuable to you, stick with it and make time for it. If not, stop wasting your time.
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  1. According to those responding to our 2016 resolutions poll, another way to relieve stress is to improve your role as a team player with administration, nursing, and physicians.

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