How to answer: “Why are you interested in this position?”

It might just be one of the toughest questions you face

MedCareerGuide | October 8, 2015

Why are you interested in this position? It’s one of the most common questions asked during the interview process, but it’s one that can stump you unless you’re prepared to answer.

According to an article in The Muse, too many people make four common mistakes when answering this question that can sabotage the interview process during their job search. Here’s a look at those mistakes—and how to avoid making them.

  1. You don’t talk about the organization directly. If you tout your skills—whether it’s developing relationships with patients or your leadership chops—without explaining how they will fit at the organization where you’re interviewing, you haven’t answered the question. You’ve instead given a generic, albeit well-rehearsed, answer to a very specific question.
  1. You talk about how the job will benefit you—and you alone. Don’t focus solely on how the job will help your professional growth. Make sure you explain how you will help the organization where you’re interviewing.
  1. You digress. The recruiter doesn’t care if the office is close to your daughter’s school.
  1. You focus on the past. If you can’t stop talking about how much you need to leave your current job, you’re not helping your prospects.
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