Three surprises about the interview process

Know what can work against you in an interview

Paula S. Katz | May 16, 2015

It’s what you don’t know that can work against you in an interview. Here are three inside tips from consultants who talked to MedCareerGuide:

  1. Your spouse or significant other is also being evaluated. Employers will consider how that person will fit in the community and his or her potential social circle. “That person shouldn’t get drunk at dinner or look like he or she just left Saks or Nordstrom’s when you’re interviewing in a community of 2,000,” says Regina Levison, vice president, client development, Jordan Search Consultants, St. Louis.
  1. Interviewers don’t like trash-talk. Even if your last employment situation didn’t end well, avoid negative comments. Instead, say something like, “Their style of care didn’t line up with the way I was taught, so that wasn’t a good fit,” says Steve Look, executive vice president of recruiting, The Medicus Firm, Dallas. “It’s like you’re on a date. Don’t talk about your ex and how things didn’t end well all the time,” he says.

On interviews, don’t talk about your ex and how things didn’t end up well. Tweet this.

  1. What you say to the real estate agent gets back to the employer. Don’t let your guard down with that friendly real estate agent who takes you on a community tour or out to play tennis. He or she likely has a relationship with the employer and will let them know if you say something like, “I can’t imagine working here” or “I’m only looking at jobs that pay educational loans and I’ve been to a couple that pay more than this,” Ms. Levison says. “That kind of comment will always get back to the hiring entity, so be ‘on’ every moment.”
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Got those interview tips down. Time to search for that perfect job.

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